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When Obama Turns The Corner Too Fast…

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

This evening, President Obama is conducting a press conference. The focus of his prepared remarks is on his economic recovery plan. It was all pretty ho-hum.

But on February 9th, President Obama also gave a press conference. Also to explain the stimulus package. After that press conference, on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews showed, again, just how much in the tank he is for Obama.

I thought the president showed his analytical mind.  I think there is a challenge to the presidency right now.  These are complicated issues.  We want to hear the president‘s mind working.  We don‘t just want to hear his final decision, his bottom line—that‘s useless to us.

The bottom line is useless? There’s no need to hear the final decision? It’s really the process? I thought Obama was elected because on Iraq, his bottom line was that he was against the war at a time when he had no vote, and that he was going to bring the troops home ASAP?

We want to know how he gets there.  How does this decision to push the stimulus package get us down the road to a turned-around economy?  How does it work?  He tried to explain that.

I guess the explanation was so lucid, so accessible back in February, that he wanted to try again today. Said Matthews then

He said, “We are trying to stop the downward cycle, the downward spiral.  We are trying to put money in people‘s pockets.  We‘re trying to loosen up the credit markets.  We‘re trying to get public works going out there to get jobs created.”

Matthews is pleased that the President is not trying to accelerate the downward cycle? He is elated that Obama is not trying to take money out of people’s pockets, that he is not trying to tighten the credit markets or reduce or eliminate public works projects?

He said, the benchmark, the metric he should be judged by, in the fist instance is 3 million to 4 million new jobs.  After that, certainly, the credit market is loosening up, and after that, the housing situation stabilized.

Matthews sounds like a mouthpiece for the administration.

He was precise and I was very impressed with his amazing ability standing in front of the American people on a roadblock—by the way, you couldn‘t find a channel, hardly, that he wasn‘t on tonight—a roadblock of American attention and he was at his best intellectually.  I think it was great example of how his mind works.  And I think we‘re going to have to know that in the next four years—how is he thinking on this thing.

Huh? You could probably hear Matthews saying the above while drooling a little bit.

I think he showed his ability to go around the room with a flashlight to the question you put.  You ask a question which is a holistic question, so let me look at this part, that part.  He does—what a mind he has.  And I love his ability to do it on television.  I love to think with him.

“I love to think with him.”? One almost gets the impression that Matthews would like to do more than “think”. So…

When Obama turns the corner too fast…Chris Matthews gets a broken nose.