Well, Amsterdam has decided to beef up airport security due to the actions of the paardenlul known as the Fruit of the Boom bomber.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport began using new body-scanning machines at security checkpoints on Tuesday, the first major airport to use the technology to find metals and explosives hidden under clothing.

Other similar stories indicate that this new policy is just for those traveling to the United States.

Upon hearing this, my initial reaction was verdomme. I mean, do they have to scan everybody that travels to the United States? Jeetje! On the other hand, this will make it more difficult for jihadists to hide bomb making materials behind their klootzak.

Can’t they scan only those that are a little bit suspicious? For example, those who pay for tickets with cash, who check no luggage, who are on terror watch lists, who post on message boards about how lonely they are (maybe a little neuken would be in order for AbdulMutallab) and whose father alerted the CIA and numerous other security agencies of suspected radicalization. Or would that be…profiling? I guess it would.

I’m just fed up. The only thing left to say on this subject, and it hardly needs to be said, is potverdriedubbeltjesa!

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