Oh Shut Up!

I was flipping through the channel guide last night a little after 10 p.m. I happened to see the White House Correspondents Dinner on MSNBC. I tuned to that and was treated to the last nine and a half minutes of Wanda Sykes. All I can say is

I would say that whoever scheduled Wanda Sykes to speak at the Correspondents dinner should be shown the door. Her vitriol was counter to the notion of Obama as a uniter. Wishing for Limbaugh’s kidneys to fail. Combining “pulled out at the last minutes”, abstinence, and Sarah Palin. Suggesting that small children would be better off in a stranger’s car than in Dick Cheney’s.

In the MSNBC coverage, the camera was tight on Sykes. This is clearly torture as opposed, say, waterboarding. It was an affront to at least two of the five senses.

She kept looking to her right. I assume that this is where Obama was sitting. From her reactions, I have to assume that Obama was none too pleased with the over-the-top routine.

Oh shut up, you all are going to be telling that one tomorrow. Shut up.

Um, no. I doubt that very many people will be “telling that one tomorrow”.

She said that she was so happy that “you’re doing something about education”, as if Bush did nothing for education. But then she tells us exactly what “doing something for education” means to liberals. It means nothing more and nothing less than “paying our teachers more”. Liberals do not care about actual education of our children.

Sykes hit rock bottom when she suggested that some previous first ladies should be wearing “ponchos” because of their appearance. News flash, Wanda. You aren’t exactly eye candy yourself.

Likening Limbaugh to Bin Laden, suggesting that he was the 20th hi-jacker. She looked back over to Obama.

Come on…too much? … OK

But you’re laughing inside. I know…

Sykes suggests that an attempt to defend torture by cataloging the valuable information obtained is akin to her robbing a bank and then defending it by saying

Yes your honor, I robbed a bank…but look at all the bills I paid.

Seems like perfectly good analogy, if you are an imbecile.

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