Roughed McGruff

In the Washington Post today, there is Bus Driver Collared After Crime Dog Socked on Corner. Sadly, it tells the story of a Metrobus driver who, while adjusting the mirrors on his bus, socked the Crime Dog, McGruff.

A Metrobus supervisor who went to the scene was told by [the driver] that he punched the big, droopy-eared crime dog “to be funny”.

Apparently the 5-0 thought it was funny too, because

[The driver] then got back on the bus and drove for a few blocks until police stopped him

Interestingly, on McGruff’s own site, there is a poll about how to stop bullies. The available responses are

  • Speak up
  • Be a friend
  • Get an adult

Apparently, McGruff is holding out on a fourth option, which is

  • Call the po-po.

The incident reportedly occurred in front of a group of kids. You have to hand it to McGruff. Even while being assaulted, he is still on the job, building crime awareness among children.

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