[Fading Out]

A friend of mine who is, shall we say, more progressive than I am, posted a link in Facebook to a post from FireDogLake titled The Three Stooges of the Apocalypse. FireDogLake.com is a blog started by Jane Hamsher. Hamsher has connections with Hollywood, the Huffington Post, and Markos Moulitsas.

The post, preserved with original links to various stories, follows.

Cut to: interior.  A poorly lit, dingy office with framed 8 x 10 photos of second-rate comedians, burlesque performers, and the occasional evangelist line the walls. The windows are smudged and dirty.  A desk is piled high with photos, audition videos, and demo tapes.  We see

the soles of a pair of shoes on one corner of the desk. A plume of cigar smoke snakes its way to the stained ceiling. A man, barely visible behind a mound of paper, barks into the telephone.


Sid! It’s me. . . . Right. It’s your crazy aunt Sheila. No, you schmuck, it’s Ralphie from Bush League Talent. . . No, no you don’t owe me any money . . . Look, just shut up and listen, okay?  I have a comedy act that is guaranteed to fill the seats of movie houses every night for the next four years. . . . Yes, right, until 2012.  Good to see you can still do math. It’s a wonder your company’s in the toilet.  Listen, it’s a trio, two guys and a gal . . . no, it’s a comedy act, no nudity . . . Yeah, well let me explain the premise, okay?  There’s these three idiots — the leader, Bobby, thinks he’s smart, but he’s just got a bigger vocabulary than the other two.  The real doofus is the other guy, Mikey, whose portrayal of a black guy circa 1983 is so frickin’ on the money that you find yourself wondering why you sold your “Thriller” album on eBay. And the babe, Sarah, plays the straight man, but she’s the real brains of the group. Anyway, the fate of the country rests with these three maroons, but they’re so incompetent that they’re always getting into some sort of trouble that ends up with them poking themselves in the eye and falling on banana peels.  Real slapstick kind of stuff.  I know that sounds like it’s been done before, but never with a babelicious woman and two brown-skinned mooks.  Trust me on this, Sid. This is going to be the biggest draw out there since Katie Harris went full frontal. . . . Sid?  Sid, you still there? . . . . Ah, shit.

[Fade out.]

I like how the left are continuing to attack Republicans, nearly 4 months after Obama’s election. It makes me think there is not much good news for them to latch on to. Certainly the stock market has taken a great big Number 2 all over Obama’s stimulus package and subsequent budget proposal. Just today, there was news of another tax cheat nominated by Obama administration (trade envoy designate Ron Kirk). Maybe it would be better if the Washington Post reported as news those instances when someone joins the Obama administration who is not a tax cheat. We have Obama basically carrying out the Bush administrations Iraq policy. We have Hilary Clinton sounding pessimism over outreach to Iran. John McCain is returning to his old cranky self, blasting Obama about breaking his vow to end earmarks. I bet McCain is sorry he ever said that we had nothing to fear from Obama. Obama is taking his sweet time in shuttering GTMO for many reasons. We’re starting to learn that we had a lot of help with interrogations, much of it from the European bed-wetters that Obama wowed in July.

I could go on and on. But here is what really caught my eye in the post above.

…a babelicious woman and two brown-skinned mooks.

Do you know what a mook is? I had to look it up. I knew it wouldn’t be good. Mook: a contemptible, incompetent person. And brown-skinned? I am so proud of this past election, and proud of John McCain and the Republican party that race was not a real issue. Good for us and good for America. Well, race was not much of an issue. For whom was race an issue?

Race is obviously on the mind of Attorney General Eric Holder, who has called out America as cowards when it comes to discussions on race. I bet that liberals heard Holder say this and immediately thought “good, he’s calling out conservatives”. Sorry folks, but the people that are most hung up on race are liberals, who need race to be an issue to boost their success at the polls. I won’t hold my breath waiting for liberals to denounce “brown-skinned mooks”. What better evidence is there that the Obama shooting star is already starting to [Fade out].

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