Birdie Diplomacy

The article¬†U.S. Disappointed in Iran’s Refusal to Issue Visas to Badminton Team has this subhead

State department spokesman said when the Iranians unclench that fist and agree to dialogue, there will be a hand waiting to greet them.

The article begins with

The United States on Wednesday expressed disappointment with Iran’s refusal to issue visas for an American badminton team and said it did not bode well for possible similar outreach programs in the future.

As the Obama administration continues with a broad review of U.S. policy on Iran that may include the appointment of a special envoy and direct contacts with Iranian officials, the State Department said Tehran’s batdown of what some have termed “shuttlecock diplomacy” was troubling.

Hey, I have an idea. In an effort to show Iran how sincere we are, in case they run out of shuttlecocks, I suggest we send them a bunch of birdies. Call it “birdie diplomacy”. Here’s how I’d like to see hands greeting Iran.

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