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To Tom Brokaw, the election of Barack Obama was like a little blue pill. On the day of the inauguration, on MSNBC, Brokaw ejaculates

I just want to say one thing. Eh, having been in the South in the sixties and Los Angeles and Watts and northern urban areas, umm, uh, when we were evolving as a country. I’m thinking of all the bigots and the rednecks and all the people that I met along the way, and I’m saying to them, “Take this.”

Does Brokaw blame rednecks and biggots because there was no African American president in the sixties, while “we were evolving as a country”? Does Brokaw blame rednecks and biggots because Jesse Jackson was not elected president years ago? Come on, Jesse Jackson as POTUS would be a joke, right? Does Brokaw recall that Republicans would have rallied behind Colin Powell back in 2000? Unfortunately, Powell chose not to run. But he could have easily been the first African American  POTUS. It was his for the taking.

And does Brokaw really think that Obama would still have won without substantial redneck vote? What about those rednecks in PA’s 12th Congressional District that returned that d-bag Jack Murtha after he referred to Pennsylvania voters as racists and rednecks. Didn’t Barack win Pennsylvania and Virginia, for example? What demographic actually switched from leaning Republican to leaning Democrat? It was the working class. The Reagan Democrats. Independents. A large portion of these folks would be viewed as rednecks and biggots by the cognoscenti. It seems as though Brokaw has insulted a large Obama voting block. Shame on him.

Maybe Brokaw’s comments were made for consumption by the morons that lap up the MSNBC drivel. Opps. Now there I go, insulting a large Obama voting block. Shame on me.

Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw

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