The Obama’s Christmas Card List

Through a stroke of what can only be called incredible, dumb, luck, I have come into¬†possession¬†of Barack and Michelle Obama’s Christmas Card List. Apparently, there have been some recent changes made to the list, and notes made by Obama himself.

  • David Axelrod
  • William Ayers…at least he waited until after the election to open is mouth
  • Joe Biden
  • Rod Blagojevich…that @&$#*^ can go %*#$ himself
  • Big Boi
  • Cassandra Butts
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • Candidate #1…I’d like to rip that *%&$#@ Blago a new one
  • Katie Couric…enclose special note of thanks
  • Michael Froman
  • Julias Genachowski
  • Jesse Jackson…tell the Secret Service to take that nut cutter down if he ever gets near me
  • Rachel Klayman
  • Ludacris
  • Nancy McCullough
  • Jonathan Molot
  • Martin Nesbitt
  • George Obama
  • Thomas Perrelli
  • Michael Pfleger…this guy has more street cred than I do
  • Brad Pitt
  • Samantha Power
  • Antoin Rezko…maybe Tony and that %&$# head Blago can bunk together at the USP in Terre Haute and catch up with Ryan
  • Pete Rouse
  • Jean Rudd
  • Maya Soetoro-Ng
  • Laurence Tribe
  • Laura D’Andrea Tyson
  • Eric Whitaker
  • Joe Wurzelbacher…maybe for Christmas Santa will bring him a real plumber’s license
  • Jeremiah Wright

One Response to “The Obama’s Christmas Card List”

  1. fmanja says:

    Bruce this is your best post ever but You left off one VIP:

    Dear Frank Manja,
    Thanks for all of your hard work in the newly blue state of Virginia. I’ve got to run – saving the economy, climate, and restoring America’s standing in the world can’t wait another minute. Michelle and I will drop you a line when we get to DC.

    Your B-Ball Buddy,
    Barack “B-Boy” Obama