Good Deed, Indeed

The news these days is frequently not good. But today there was a genuinely “feel good” piece on A1 of the Washington Post. The story is about 60 year-old Earl Stafford who, after a 20 year military career, founded Unitech, a high tech company, in Centreville, VA.

Stafford and his family subsequently founded the faith-based Stafford Foundation in 2002. The foundation purchased JW Marriott’s $1 million dollar “build-your-own-ball” package just hours after Obama’s election. The package provides 300 rooms, four suites, and $200,000 in food for the inauguration over a 3 day period, and provides attendees with great seats, overlooking the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route.

According to the Post article, the Stafford’s and their foundation intend to host the socially and economically disadvantaged, the terminally ill, and wounded soldiers among others at “The People’s Ball”. Beauticians, gowns, and tuxedoes, will be provided, if necessary.

This is the kind of action to which we should all aspire. For their kindness and good deeds, I recognize the Stafford’s with theĀ Thought Docket Seal of Approval.

Earl Stafford and Family

Earl Stafford and Family

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