The Real Plumber

Here in Vienna VA, there is a well-known character that goes by the name Sal.  Sal is a real plumber and I believe he even owns his own plumbing business, so watch out Sal, you just may be tapped to help “spread the wealth”.  Sal is an Obama supporter.  How do I know such personal details of someone that I have never even met?  I have been carefully studying this picture for hours, and it is the only conclusion I can draw.

Sal The Real Plumber

Sal The Real Plumber

It is hard to see in the picture, I know.  But at the upper right of the Obama Biden banner, it states simply: “Sal The Real Plumber”.  On his porch, there are two headless mannequins, each holding a drain plunger.

Joe Wurzelbacher, eat your heart out.

If you find yourself in Vienna some time, and you see Sal on the street, go ahead and introduce yourself.  Go ahead, take the plunge!

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