Walk Don’t Run

A couple weeks ago, my good friend Tim reminded me of my run on Election Night, 2000.  He suggested that I try to duplicate that success by going on a run this evening.

Ahhh.  Election Night 2000.  I remember it is as though it was yesteryear.  Fairly early that evening, the news networks called Florida for Ozone and this was considered a blow to Bush from which he could not recover.  Feeling quite down, I decided to go out for a two mile run.  I was not in any kind of running shape, so I must have been running on adrenalin.  When I returned to watching the coverage about 30 minutes later, I learned that the networks had taken Florida away from Ozone…it was too close to call.  Bush went on to win Florida, convincingly :o).

Being kind of superstitious, I decided to try again this Election Night 2008.  I’m not exactly sure of the objective.  Maybe the best that I can hope for is a firewall in the Senate.  So, maybe this evening, I can help prevent a filibuster-proof 60 Democrats.  The only thing is, this evening, things are a little different.  I’m 8 years older; a little heavier; and I’m fighting chronic plantar fasciitis.  So I couldn’t run.  I could only walk.  I guess that is one more reason I identify with McCain.

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