Welcome to Thought Docket!

As I write this, just two days before an historic election, it appears that the citizens of the US are about to elect Barack Obama as president.  It seems like a particularly good time to begin Thought Docket.  The president-elect will face unprecedented challenges: two conflicts, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, a resurgent Russia, climate change, energy independence, healthcare, the economy, to name a few. I won’t be voting for Senator Obama, but if he is elected, it will be my sincere hope that he rises to these challenges.

I anticipate sharing my views on the candidates, the president-elect, the assembled cabinet, the policies, and the media in the days and months ahead.  I also plan to share my thoughts on subjects beyond politics: healthcare, foreign affairs, the economy.

I hope to challenge, entertain, and inform readers.  I prefer reason to emotion.  I prefer action to petition.  I prefer strategy over tactics.  I prefer history to revisionist history, and I despise 20-20 hindsight.  I think that “discrimination” – in the sense of making fine distinctions and exercising sound judgment – is an excellent word.

Let’s get started.

One Response to “Welcome to Thought Docket!”

  1. fmanja says:

    Hi Bruce,
    What happened to all of the Republicans? I did not see any get out the vote effort in Virginia. I think there will be a lot of people playing arm-chair quarterback but the lack of boots on the ground is what did in Mccain in my opinion.